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Academic Performance

District educators believe that a student’s progress is measured not by one assessment at a moment in time, but rather by an entire body of evidence. The body of evidence includes, but is not limited to: projects and performances, common grade or subject-level assessments, teacher-created quizzes and tests, as well as other diagnostic tests administered throughout the school year. 

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State Assessment Data

FFC8 students are administered the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessment annually.

  • English Language Arts (ELA) - Grades 3-5

  • Mathematics (Math) - Grades 3-5

  • Science - Grade 5

This data is used to track overall student achievement and growth, as well as monitor any specific growth gaps between student groups.  The data is not received until after the school year is over; therefore, it is most useful as a tool for reflection. 

CMAS ELA    CMAS Math     CMAS Science

Local Assessment Data

FFC8 uses a number of high level district assessments to measure general progress in Math and English Language Arts. 

  • Acadience Reading (DIBELS) - Measures students' early literacy skills and helps determine if students are on track to read at grade level (K-3)

  • Illuminate DNA - Measures students' progress towards mastery of year-long, grade-level standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts (Grades 2-5)

DIBELS Graphics

Performance: The chart above shows the number of students in each performance category at the beginning (BOY), middle (MOY), and end of year (EOY).   The goal is to reduce the number of students in the red (indicating a possible reading deficiency); and increase the number of students in the green and blue (indicating that students have the necessary tools to read at grade level).

Eagleside Performance

Growth: The chart above shows the percent of students in each growth category at the middle of the year and the end of the year. Students in the red and yellow are not demonstrating enough growth or progress from one assessment to another.  Students in the blue and purple are demonstrating above average growth.  If a student demonstrates a possible reading deficiency, the goal is to demonstrate above average growth to eventually read at grade-level. 

ELA Illuminate Benchmark Graphic

Benchmark ELA and Math:  The charts above and below show the percent of students scoring in each performance category of the Fall and Spring district benchmark assessment (Illuminate DNA).  This comprehensive assessment includes  academic skills and standards taught throughout the school year.   The goal is for each student to increase their score by the end of the year, and demonstrate an increase in content knowledge. 

Math Illuminate Benchmark Graphic