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How Do We Ensure Continuous Improvement?

School Self-Assessment Graphic

A variety of school leadership teams play a major role in the different phases of the process. They will facilitate and guide self-reflection and provide support for action planning with stakeholders. Stakeholders systematically gather and analyze evidence to assess both student performance and the various systems within the school. As illustrated in Figure 1 above, the following are completed by each school:

  • Review next steps from previous school self-assessments and feedback from the district (if applicable);

  • Conduct school self-assessment for current year and determine areas requiring attention in developing the school improvement plan;

  • Determine what data will be collected and used for evidence of success;

  • Determine how monitoring will occur;

  • Share the results of the school self-assessment and the school improvement plan with district and school advisory groups and community stakeholders;

  • Implement and adjust actions in response to data and evidence gathered through monitoring;

  • Invite appropriate district leadership to participate based on identified needs.