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Why School Effectiveness?

SEF 2023-2025 Graphic

Our District: 

  • believes that all children can learn and achieve given the proper supports;

  • assumes that ability exists in all groups, across demographic lines and that within any group, many students will excel;

  • stresses high expectations for achievement and holds students to rigorous performance standards;

  • rejects negative stereotypes about students’ potential and ability;

  • provides challenging and relevant curriculum for all students;

  • disaggregates data in order to determine individual needs;

  • meets individual needs through customization or personalization of the curriculum;

  • differentiates instruction;

  • accommodates diverse learning styles;

  • ensures access and inclusion;

  • connects students to real life experiences;

  • capitalizes on diversity and creates a positive classroom environment based on respect and empathy; and

  • involves parents in meaningful ways in their children’s education.